Why Choose

Priority Protection?

At PPI, it's our people who make the  difference/  offering decades of quality experience, our security personnel's backgrounds include Veteran Security Management, Law Enforcement and Former Military.

Our Leadership guides our professional officers and collectively we strive to exceed our clients' expectations for monitoring security systems, patrolling property and inspecting compliance and security polices as you see fit.

We are one of four security companies permitted to directly hire Houston Police Officers and 1 of 2 companies that can hire Harris County Sheriffs.


One of the many important and obvious differences between security officer providers is the quality of their operational management team. The Priority Protection & Investigations management team is simply without peer.


We offer a very rare and unique blend of veteran security management, law enforcement, military, and anti-terrorism experience to our clients and the community that cannot be found elsewhere.


We strive to be unique from our competitors by constantly bringing the latest technology to the security field.  We utilize digital reporting with geo-fencing technology so we know exactly where our officers are, when they leave and if they need assistance.


Priority Protection & Investigations is proud of the in-house academy where we train, license, and certify our own staff. By training on site, we can ensure the highest level of quality Security Officers for our clients.


We have  over 80 years of combined security services and have been serving Texas since 1991. With our well established standards of recruiting and training we continually exceed all licensing state requirements

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